What Are Critical Degrees In Astrology And How Do They Affect You

What Are Critical Degrees In Astrology And How Do They Affect You

Many people are aware of the positions of their natal planets, including the Sun, Venus, and Moon.

Each planet’s placement in a particular house and sign adds up to 30 degrees for an overall of 360 in a birth chart. It tells information regarding the chart, the subject, or the circumstance under consideration.

However, this only makes up a portion of the astrological jigsaw; the planets’ degrees also play a significant role. So, in this article let us learn more about critical degrees in Astrology and their effects in detail.

What are the most significant astrological planetary degrees?

Astrological degrees reveal a lot, including how 1 planet interacts or blends with another celestial body in the chart. However, a few planetary degrees have greater significance and weight than others. So, let’s understand a few degrees in brief below.

1. 0 degrees

A planet is most powerful when it is at 0 degrees because it lives in its purest and most undiluted state.

Since a planet hitting 0 degrees can often have an impact on all of us on a certain level, astrologers sometimes refer to this degree as the “world point.”

For instance, Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 at 0 degrees for the very first time in 248 years. The US banking crisis, sometimes called “The Great Recession,” which occurred at the same time as Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, had significant effects on the rest of the globe for years.

In 2010, at 0 degrees, Uranus entered or drove towards the Aries sign, forming a square with Pluto in Capricorn. The Arab Spring started almost immediately, guiding in a time of unrest in the Middle East.

2. 29 degrees

29 degrees is referred to as the “Anaretic degree.” This degree is linked to a feeling of urgency or a desperate attempt to finish or complete something.

There is frequently a sense that you only have a limited amount of time to make things right when a planet is at 29°. This can lead to rushing into situations for which you are not adequately prepared or ready. Both decision-making and critical thinking may suffer as a result.

Some astrologers think that if a planet transits the 29th degree, it may correspond with circumstances that have progressed too far for a person to have power over.

In either case, it is important to use critical judgment and maintain your composure when something involving a planet in the 29th degree of any zodiac sign is happening. Divorce, breakups, job loss, or other endings can all occur during the 29th degree.

For instance, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blasted and then sank on April 20, 2010, causing the greatest oil spill in history and the deaths of 11 people. At the time, Saturn was located at 29 degrees of the Virgo constellation.

Those are only a few instances of the influence that particular degrees can have, both collectively and individually.

Other significant astrological degrees for every zodiac sign

When it comes to astrology’s essential degrees, 0 and 29 degrees seem the most significant, however, there are still a few others that are also relatively significant.

Remember that a “critical degree” is not always negative, but that things can escalate in one of two ways. A transiting planet’s aspect to this sensitive point in your chart is important to look for since it will trigger whatever the planet symbolizes in your horoscope. Depending on the planet and its aspect, there can be a greater emphasis, greater intensity, or an emergency.

  • 26 degrees and 13 degrees correspond to the cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn).
  • 21 or 22 degrees and 8 or 9 degrees for fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius).
  • 17 degrees and 4 degrees for mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces).

How to determine if your natal chart contains any important degrees

So, in order to determine whether your birth chart includes any critical degrees or not, you may talk to an astrologer for free online. They can help you efficiently with their extensive knowledge and expertise in chart reading.

They will let you know all the necessary information about your planets, degrees, horoscope, doshas, etc.

If you discover that one of those houses holds a significant degree for you, you can reflect on events that have taken place in the region the planet is describing throughout your life. Usually, you need to focus more on and improve these areas.


Learning the degrees of the planets in various signs can help you identify potential issues you may face and the best ways to handle them as you learn more about whatever your birth chart represents and how it influences you.

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