Is Mercury Retrograde Really That Bad?

Is Mercury Retrograde Really That Bad?

Mercury, the planet of intelligence in Vedic Astrology, is a planet of logic and femininity. According to the natural zodiac, Mercury controls the third and sixth houses. Mercury will produce very effective outcomes if it is situated in its own signs of Gemini and Virgo. When Mercury is situated in Virgo in an exalted sign and in a powerful position, effective outcomes in commerce, trade, and speculation may be attainable for the inhabitants. Mercury is in retrograde motion, and as a result, residents may experience both favorable and bad outcomes.

When Mercury appears to be traveling backward in the sky, it is considered as retrograde. Planets have always been known and discussed by ancient humans. Some stars appear to migrate across the sky from night to night and are always brighter than others. A Retrograde is defined as an apparent shift in the passage of the planet through the sky. In actuality, the planet does not begin to move backward in its orbit. Retrograde happens due to the relative positions of the planets and the Earth. It is determined by their orbital motion around the Sun.

Mercury Retrograde occurs three to four times a year when Mercury begins to travel away from the Sun. Mercury appears to be traveling in the opposite direction from Earth. The Mercury Retrograde phenomenon is connected five separate times.

Five Stages of Mercury Retrograde:

1.   The Pre-Shadow Phase.

During this time, Mercury begins to slow down and spread out across the same route in its orbit where it will eventually stop and travel backward or retrograde. The challenges encountered as a result of Mercury Retrograde occur in the Pre-Shadow Phase. One of the most common ways we contribute to Mercury retrograde is by rejecting our inner voice, intuitions, and the indications that the world gives us.

2.   The Mercury Retrograde Station.

Mercury slows down before retrograding due to the stronger influence of Mercury Retrograde’s Pre-Shadow Phase. It is marked in the violet color on the Hindu calendar. Mercury seems to be motionless in the sky during this period. This is commonly regarded as the climax of Mercury Retrograde, and it appears red.

3.   The Mercury Retrograde Phase.

After the Retrograde Station, Mercury seems to go backward in the sky. Communication, travel, information transfer, computer programs, and learning are common experiences associated with Mercury Retrograde. All of these things get tainted with faults and disagreements. According to the rule of thumb, each phase of Mercury Retrograde is perceived by one-third of the population. This retrograde has a greater impact on individuals who work closely with computers, education, and communication. Mercury Retrograde increases the amount of work or the duration of the labor.

To stay aligned and in front, keep a close eye on work during Mercury Retrograde. During this period, keep an eye on tasks, meetings, schedules, and obligations. On the contrary, this time is advantageous for completing pending work and seeing colleagues, friends, and so on.

4.   The Mercury Direct Station.

Mercury’s backward journey looks to come to rest in the sky. The second station corresponds to the maximum of the retrograde phenomenon. This time in the calendar is represented by a darker shade of brown since it marks the end of the Mercury retrograde Phase and the beginning of the Post-Shadow.

5.   The Post Shadow Phase.

Mercury accelerates and begins to travel ahead during this time. During this procedure, it crosses the route in the sky that was previously reversed. During the Post Shadow phase, errors such as making bad judgments, not paying attention, or forming assumptions may arise. For the first several days, the Post Shadow period has a substantial impact.

Mercury Direct

As a result, Mercury Retrograde will gradually remove mistakes produced by ignorance, inability to pay attention to details, and even wrong assumptions, beliefs, or understandings. As a result, it is critical to keep an eye on everything at this time before making any major decisions. This time should be utilized to catch errors committed not only by ourselves but also by others, which may have long-term consequences for us.

Mercury Retrograde may appear to be difficult for some, but it is also a potentially productive period to accomplish old duties to find tranquility. Assignments, reviews, and creative writing are just a few of the tasks that may be completed during this time. This period can be used to dispel old misconceptions and chart new paths. This period is characterized by fresh paths and investigations that challenge old and dry notions.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde occurs three to four times every year. During this time, the planet Mercury appears to move backward in the sky for around three weeks. It just looks to move, but in reality, no planet can go backward in its orbits. Mercury retrograde cycles are an illusion formed when viewed from Earth during a specific period. Mercury is believed that revolves faster than any other planet. Mercury can never travel away from the Sun by more than 28 degrees. It is recognized that when it reaches the greatest distance from the Sun, it reverses course naturally.

During each Mercury Retrograde cycle, it is appropriate to rethink, redo, reorganize, replay, and evaluate without implementing a new plan or taking on new activities before the Mercury Retrograde ends. During this period, all completions may be done, such as settling bills, cleaning up paperwork, and finishing what we promised but have yet to complete. All of these issues must be handled carefully.

What should you avoid doing while Mercury is in retrograde?

When Mercury is in retrograde, it is best not to make any major life decisions. Contracts should not be signed, and this is not the time to write a divisive opinion article. It is a time for reflection, not for starting new discussions or activities. Allow yourself time and space to rest if possible before taking action.

Avoiding obligations until the planets realign is not always a viable option. “You might not have the luxury of completely planning things around [the retrograde],”, so it is suggested that you should choose to start a new venture, and take an extra beat to deeply consider it.

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