How To Stop Being Abusive To Your Partner

How To Stop Being Abusive To Your Partner

Being abusive to anyone can be harmful for plenty of reasons. Especially, being abusive to your partner can damage your relationships easily.  However, you need not to stress. If you are here and learning how to stop being abusive to your partner, you are on the right path. The thought that you want to stop being abusive to your partner is one of the crucial and primary steps. In this article, you will learn how to stop being abusive to your partner. 

Stepwise Procedure to Stop being abusive to your partner

Note down your behaviors

The first step to stop being abusive to your partner is to note down your own behaviours. You can begin by writing a short diary. 

Noting down your own behaviour will help you relax. Also, it will help you understand at what degree you are reacting. 

You can also write your own emotions every single night and then make it a habit to understand the emotional reaction patterns. 

Analyse the reasons for abusive

Once you start noticing your patterns or start recording your behaviours, you can move to this step. In this step, you need to analyse the reasons why you were being abusive. 

You need to contemplate what triggered you the most and what was the exact situation like. 

Think about the ways to deal with your partner about an issue

People abuse their partners and mostly because they are having some issue in their own life. Most often it’s an issue which they can’t share or struggle to share. 

In this scenario, you and your partner need to decide how to be open about issues. You need to find a technique that is feasible for both of you. Some of the things that you and your partner can try to be open for discussions are as follows:

  • Go to nature and have a talk there
  • Give Ample amount of alone time for each other
  • Get Consultation from an expert
  • Talk to a mutual and trust-worthy friend

Understand the impact of your behaviour

Most often we tend to ignore how our behaviour has a significant impact on others. However, if we put in a little effort and observe how our behaviour impacts others; we can become less abusive.

Your partner is also a human being and after your abusive reaction you must observe them. When you observe their pain and their feelings of kindness still after your reaction, you will certainly change. 

Your abusive behaviour will also tend to slow down once you realise there feelings of love for you.

Let the forgiveness enter in lives of both

One of the best ways to stop being abusive to your partner is to be forgiving and seek forgiveness. You both need to realise that you are a team and a need for each other. 

Thus, for this to happen you must forgive each other. You must also forgive yourself of your past behaviour and look for the positive things of the present. Forgiving yourself can be a difficult task, however, you can do it with practice and forgiving others too. 


Being abusive to your partner can be hurtful for you as well as your partner. Therefore, you need to calm down and take little steps such as mentioned above to stop being abusive to your partner. 

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