How Should A Petite Person Wear A Long Dress?

How Should A Petite Person Wear A Long Dress?

Have you heard for a long time that wearing a long dress when you’re little is a fashion faux pas? Think again! It is indeed possible for a small-height woman to wear a long dress. Have you always hesitated to wear long dresses?

In this article, Anvisha will suggest some tips for learning how to wear long dresses in style despite your small size.

Our tips for wearing a long dress when you are little

Would you like to wear a long dress despite your small size? So what! Settle down and take a notepad to write down the most essential ideas to change the way you wear long dresses.

1-Choose the right materials

When you are small, it is preferable to choose materials such as polyester or cotton veil, muslin, jersey, viscose or cotton… In short, it is necessary to favour transparency, fluidity and lightness. You should avoid heavy materials such as taffeta, brocade, and heavy cotton, as they weigh down the silhouette. Also, it’s best to avoid models that are too close to the body unless you have an androgynous physique or are really very young.

You should also avoid horizontal stripes, as they flatten the silhouette. Opt for vertical stripes instead. You can also opt for long-slit dresses. However, they should not have a deep neckline to avoid falling into vulgarity. In short, you have to know how to balance.

If you are short, round and curvy, you should avoid very pronounced prints. It is better to choose darker or matte colours with small patterns.

2-Opt for high shoes

We’re not going to lie to each other, a good pair of heels will always do the trick to lengthen your silhouette. To gain a few more centimetres, you can therefore opt for a pair of high heels well hidden under the length of your dress. However, you should avoid heels over 7 centimetres, for fear of distorting your silhouette. There are different types of heel namely, ankle boots, mules, and others. Those who don’t like heels can opt for wedges and derbies.

3- Choose the right length

Who told you that long dresses have to drag on the floor? There are a variety of long dresses to wear when you are petite. These include mid-length or midi dresses. Do not hesitate to try on several dress sizes to see which ones will flatter your figure instead of packing it down.

4-Put yourself in value with a beautiful hairstyle

Do you have long hair? Do not hesitate to style your hair with buns (which you can decorate with magnificent scrunchies ) or banana buns. After all, these are quite voluminous hairstyles. Thus, they will add a few more centimetres to you.

Do you have rather short hair? This is not a problem! You can opt for a chic stetson (hat) in summer, a felt hat or a stylish beanie in winter to elongate your figure.

5-Cheat by emphasizing your waistline

To look taller when wearing a long dress, another infallible trick is to opt for fitted dresses to belt discreetly. Do you have a small belly that you want to hide under your dress? Opt for empire dresses and dresses that are gathered under the bust, as they help create the illusion that your lower body is larger than it actually is.

Some trendy dresses to adopt at the moment

Here are some things to consider when choosing your type of long dress. However, we have prepared a list of long dresses to wear right now. It is :

  • The long baby-doll dress
  • The long empire dress
  • Long country floral dress
  • The long dress in neutral cotton (white, nude, beige, etc.)
  • The long wrap dress
  • The long slip dress with straps
  • The long-knit dress
  • Flowing dress belted at the waist

Would you like a dress to match you perfectly? You need to take into account certain criteria when choosing your dress.

How to choose the long dress that suits me?

It is important for each of you to choose a long dress in which you will be comfortable, but also which meets the following criteria:

  • Your morphology and your silhouette
  • Your style and your daily life
  • Your skin tone
  • Your age
  • Your professional field

Indeed, the dress that suits a teenager will certainly not suit an older person. So above all, you have to choose a dress that really suits you.

Accessorize your long dress!

Fashion accessories know how to enhance the beauty of outfits. Therefore, if you want to put your long dress in value, you just have to choose good fashion accessories. It can be sunglasses, jewellery, a pretty bag, a scarf or a headband.

On the jewellery side, you can opt mainly for long necklaces and other necklaces up to the navel. However, you should avoid heavily loaded necklaces if you have a small chest. For earrings, it is also better to choose long earrings in order to lengthen your neck slightly. In addition, it is necessary to maintain consistency between the finesse and shape of your face and the width of your curls.

Regarding bags, when you are small, it is better to choose a bag that is not too big, not wide and with a short handle. This will allow you to lighten your figure to make it look taller.

To look great, you also have to know how to choose your head accessories. What you need to remember here is that you should avoid gigantic accessories that will hide your figure. Depending on your style, you can therefore choose a pretty fascinator, barrettes, a beret, a headband, a cloche hat and many others.

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