10 Fashion Advice for Looking Good at 50 That Never Fails

10 Fashion Advice for Looking Good at 50 That Never Fails

Have you already turned 50? Congratulations!! It is one of the best ages to finally learn to dress with style. Our infallible tricks at Anvisha will help you. Guaranteed!

A woman’s 50th birthday is a significant milestone in her life. It seems that a stage of your life with many changes is approaching and you are beginning to worry about seeing yourself or feeling older. You want to transmit with your appearance the vitality and youth that you still feel , although there are things that have changed. The good news is that you have gained experience and self-confidence.

Additionally, much of the world has changed recently, making it difficult to determine what is true or false at any given age in favour of transmitting what your vital signs indicate. Fashion can help you discover your own personal sense of style that expresses the youthfulness of your spirit, which can be a very important source of reassurance in this regard.

Today we are going to share with you 10 simple style tricks that influencers over 50 already know and apply to their looks, so that you too can find those resources and tools to start improving your appearance and gain in style and confidence.



A style asset that never fails is to have an impeccable white shirt in your closet . It gets you out of any stylistic predicament, it solves everything from a work look to a gala dinner and its radiant colour brings a lot of light to the face and rejuvenates you. At this point, surely you think that saying that the white shirt is an infallible wild card is nothing new, but a clarification must be made:  not any white shirt will do .

It has to look quality, it has to be really white –no yellowish or greyish tones from use–, and it has to sit really well, without pressing into trouble spots –for example, marking the bra strap or the love handles on the back– nor opening between buttons on the chest… So go through all your white shirts and keep only those that meet these requirements. You can bet on one with a unique pattern if you’re going to purchase a new one.


Sometimes something as simple as changing the material of a garment makes us go up a lot in style. If instead of choosing the typical black cloth pants –which we all have in the closet–, with that air between classic and boring, and we change it for leather pants , the result is totally different. It is a material that conveys class and luxury, and provides a rocker touch that takes years away. A great buy!


Experience is a degree and by now you surely already know which colours suit you best. File these tones and choose one of the most striking, no brown or grey, for a total look. You can bet on a dress, a sweater and pants, or a skirt with a shirt and a coat, whatever you like. But the fact of dressing from head to toe in a powerful colour transmits a certainty that will do a lot for your style.

If you still do not know those colours, it is time to apply yourself to find them. The effort will be worth it. Take a look at the colours that suit women over 50 best .


One of the most crucial points in your wardrobe is to find the perfect pair of jeans , it is something non-negotiable, whatever your style. A formal black blazer acquires a very cool air combined with these faded tone jeans that fit like a glove.

Another trick that works is to turn the hem around for a casual look, or choose jeans with frayed hems to modernise your look by mixing it with those classic pieces that represent you, but on their own have a somewhat bland air. .


At this point in your life, your wardrobe should have some accessories with faces and eyes that manage to give character to your outfits. A different bag and a significant ring catch the eye and enliven a simple jumper. If you see that these resources are missing in your closet, be attentive to get hold of a piece like this.

A trick that works for me is to go at the end of sales to take a walk through stores that I don’t usually buy because their price is beyond my budget . Obviously, if you were looking for a basic and timeless bag, you would not find anything anymore, but in general, these slightly more special pieces do not sell out so quickly and the last few days have very interesting prices.

Although as a general rule I would advise you to make a thoughtful and rational purchase, in this case I would tell you to let yourself be carried away by love at first sight.


One of the points that most reveal the passing of the years is the loss of firmness of the facial oval, neck and décolleté. That is why including the swan neck among your basics is a good idea to camouflage those little flaws. If you have a very short neck, choose a semi-swan that will better adapt to your proportions and will not be overwhelming.

If, on the other hand, you have it very wide, avoid double-turned ones. The ideal garment for a turtleneck is a very fine knit sweater that adapts to your shape and that you can wear under shirts, dresses, cardigans.

As for the colour, the basic ones such as white, raw, grey or black are the most versatile. Keep in mind that white gives you much more light than a black one, but it does not stylize you like the latter, assess what is best for you.


They feel wonderful and also help you hide expression lines around the eyes and protect the skin in this delicate area from the sun’s rays. Choose a large frame in a dark tone, they are the ones that convey the most glamour and elegance. It is worth investing in high-end ones that will give an air of luxury to your looks.


One of the most heard pieces of advice is that after 50, it is better to avoid tight clothing , but it is an asset that, when used well, can favour you. Choosing tight pants and a top is a good idea if you then combine it with a loose garment on top that shows your shapes but still shows your profile completely. A very effective tool for winning in style is an overlay.


If what you want is footwear that gives a more stylish and rejuvenating look to your looks, you have it easy: you need sports shoes. We are fortunate to live in a time when wearing them to all kinds of events has become the norm, and there are so many different models available that you can find one that matches your style. We shouldn’t overlook this type of footwear’s comfort either. All are advantages when choosing fashionable sports shoes  to finish off your looks!

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