7 Effective Supplements to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

7 Effective Supplements to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes makes it hard for your body to digest food as it impacts the body’s natural tendency to produce insulin and maintain blood sugar levels. Supplements are a quick way to give your body the essential nutrients for Diabetes. They are effective, efficient, and also easy to intake.

7 Effective Supplements For Lowering Your Blood Sugar Levels!

Several brands are available that you can trust with neutral drinks, such as Boost. Out of those brands, we have selected the most trusted one for you and have gathered a list of the 7 most effective supplements that can be included in your diet after consulting with a doctor. So, let’s get you started!

Atkins -Gluten Free Protein-Rich Shake

Diabetes troubles the body’s stamina to hold energy levels and perform normal tasks. Also, it can result in sudden unhealthy weight gain, resulting in several other health issues. Atkins supplements are popular because they offer gluten-free and rich nutritional shakes. Their best drink on our list is their Gluten Free Protein-Rich shake. It is a gluten-free shake that primarily targets persons diagnosed with Diabetes. Any person can take it and include it in their diet, but it’s especially useful for diabetes patients. You can consume this nutrition-packed drink anytime when you want, as it comes with all the necessary elements you need in your diet.

Boost® Original Nutritional Drink

Boost is one of the best brands for driving enough nutrition and healthy substances in your body. One of the best things about this brand is that they have drinks for everyone, from kids to adults, and for on-the-goers to diabetic patients. Out of their wide variety of drinks, one that successfully made it to our list is the “Boost® Original Nutritional Drink.” This drink for Diabetes has it all, from a great taste to high-quality protein.

It can work as a mini meal. However, remember it is not a mini meal. If we go into more detail, it contains 10g of protein that delivers 240 calories to a person with the everyday task. Along with Diabetes, it’s also good for celiac sensitivity.

Nestle’s Beneprotein® Protein Supplement

The one brand that is trusted among millions is Nestle. They are not just famous for their coffee, but for drinks also. One of the best supplements we trusted for you is the “Nestle’s Beneprotein® Protein Supplement.” It is a 100% high-quality protein supplement providing 6g of protein in every serving. In addition, it has no filler or sweeteners, making it a perfect ready-to-eat mini meal for diabetes patients. However, despite all its benefits, please do not replace it with your proper meal.

Precision Foods Aquacare H2O Thickened Apple Juice, Nectar, 8oz

Yet another popular drink, the “Precision Foods Aquacare H2O Thickened Apple Juice.” Precision Foods offers ready-to-drink, and 100% juice with no fructose corn syrup or added sugars shakes, making it a perfect mini meal for diabetes patients.

You can include it in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu to enjoy its refreshing and nutritional break. In addition, it provides reliability, which means you can maintain its consistency over time and temperature.

Ensure Ready-to-Drink Strawberry Institutional 8 oz Bottle, Gluten-free, Low-residue

If you need a bit of flavor in your diet, this is one of the best nutritional drinks for diabetics. This drink can help you get strong from the inside, combining the strawberry flavor with the necessary nutrients. It helps your body to maintain your energy levels.

Additionally, you can consider this drink as your partner when you feel like your energy levels are draining. Its added nutrients aid the body in recovering energy levels much sooner. Otherwise, it does with the other food. Along with its benefits, this drink is also suitable for different communities due to halal certification, as concerned persons know what they are paying for through the packaging.

Abbott Nutrition Glucerna Shake

Glucerna has scientifically designed some products to help your blood sugar spikes. They are known to provide energy from fat, protein, and carbohydrates. This drink we have selected is “Abbott Nutrition Glucerna shake,” a sugar-free, gluten-free drink that any diabetes patient can include in their list. You can use it as a snack, supplement, snack, or meal as part of the diabetes management plan. However, remember, it is just an addition to your proper meal or acts as a mini meal; do not consider it a replacement for your proper meal.

Boost® Glucose Control Nutritional Drink


A slight balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat can help you easily manage your blood sugar levels, and this drink is the balanced combination of all three of these components. While many brands are in the market, Boost has made its name based on its nutritional drinks for Diabetes and for a wide range of other health problems. If we only talk about this drink, it contains 25 vitamins and minerals and 3g of fiber, making it the best boost drink for Diabetes. Not only this, but with this drink, you will get the exact amount of protein, sugar, calories, and other nutrients for your everyday routine.


Is It Okay To Take Supplements More than Once In A Day?

In normal circumstances, consuming supplements more than once a day is okay. However, when you are a diabetes patient, you should consider your doctor for the safe side.

What Is The Right Time To Drink A Boost Drink?

Anytime is the right time to drink a boost or whenever you feel your energy levels are draining. These nutrition-packed drinks can provide you with instant energy, but you should consider them as something other than an alternative to your regular food.

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