Best Age of total knee replacement Surgery

Best Age of total knee replacement Surgery

If you feel extreme knee pain in your knees and our doctor has recommended you knee replacement surgery already but you are too young to undergo the surgery and thinking what is the best age to have a knee replacement surgery? Then we are here to help you with your query about total knee replacement surgery.

There is no perfect age to have knee replacement surgery. A child can also undergo knee replacement surgery and an old person aged 80 can also undergo knee replacement surgery. It merely depends on your health condition and the severity of your knee pain. If you feel severe knee pain and are unable to perform your daily life activities, then you must consult a knee replacement surgeon and after the consultation take a decision to undergo the surgery. You can also consult your surgeon for knowing the recovery and procedure of knee replacement surgery.

Who is a perfect candidate for knee replacement surgery?

Anyone can undergo knee replacement surgery. According to an article in the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, “a knee replacement surgery is based on the extremity of the pain and disability to perform work, age is not a factor.

Who should consider going for knee replacement surgery?

If you are still worried that whether you should undergo knee replacement surgery or not, then here are some points that will help you to know whether the surgery is the right option for you or not. Look, identify and ask yourself whether you are experiencing such problems in your daily life or not. If yes, then you must consider visiting a knee replacement doctor near you.

  1. You experience extreme pain in your knees –

If you are experiencing severe pain in your knees while you are walking or standing for a longer time, then you are the right candidate for surgery. After visiting a knee replacement doctor, you may be advised of certain medicines, physiotherapy, or lifestyle modifications that can help you reduce your pain, but if nothing works, surgery is the last option to relieve your pain.

  1. Other treatments are not working on your pain –

Before suggesting surgery, a knee replacement surgeon tries to treat your problems with medication, injections, physiotherapy, dietary change, exercises and other lifestyle modifications. But if none of the treatments works for your pain, your doctor will suggest you undergo knee replacement surgery.

  1. You avoid smoking and drinking –

Before undergoing surgery, a doctor confirms whether you are a smoker or alcoholic. As we all know, smoking and alcohol consumption is injurious to health and must not be consumed in large amount. This is because the radicals in smoke can delay the healing process and degrades a patient’s immune system. Drinking increases the chances of infection at the cuts. If you consume minimal alcohol and avoid smoking, you can undergo knee replacement surgery.

  1. Your overall health is good –

You can also undergo knee replacement surgery if your overall health is good. If you are having major health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, prior diseases, autoimmune disorders, or any other injury which has affected any other part of your body other than joints. But nowadays surgeons and hospitals are well trained in operating on patients that have other health issues also. With the latest technologies and equipment, doctors can perform knee replacement surgery on any patient.

Evaluation before Knee Replacement Surgery

A general evaluation or diagnostic test is done before the knee replacement surgery to know the condition of your knees as well as your health conditions. Some diagnosis tests which are done before knee replacement surgery are –

  • Physical Test: Your physical evaluation includes blood profile tests, blood sugar tests, LFT & KFT tests, ECG tests and some other tests that will help a doctor to know your health condition.
  • X-Ray: An X-ray will help the doctor to know the extent of deformity in your knees.
  • MRI: MRI will help a doctor to know the condition of your bone and soft tissues in your knees.
  • Physical examination: a doctor will also ask you to extend and bend your knees to see whether you are able to fold your knees or not.

After evaluating these diagnosis tests, your orthopedic surgeon will recommend whether you need knee replacement surgery or not.

When to go for knee replacement surgery?

There is no right time to undergo knee replacement surgery. It depends on several factors, including your prior medical health condition, the severity of your pain, and the treatment methods that did not work for you. Your orthopedic doctor will analyze and diagnose your problem and then suggest a knee replacement surgery.

Sometimes, the children are also advised to undergo knee replacement surgery when they are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a fracture, a knock knee, or any other problem that has affected their joints. An old person aged more than 80 years of age is also advised to undergo Knee replacement surgery when they have damaged their cartilage and are unable to stand on their own. So, the right time of having a knee replacement surgery is according to certain factors.

If you are suffering from any pain or suffering due to any problem in your bones and joints, consider referring to an orthopedic doctor that can help you decide whether knee replacement surgery is a good option for you or not. This way, the prospective advantages of a knee replacement can be known.


Knee replacement surgery can be recommended for any patient having severe knee pain. Modern medical technology allows patients to return to their lives after treatment easily and without complications. Apart from this, your orthopedic doctor will also suggest physiotherapy and medicines which will help you to recover faster after the surgery. physiotherapy can continue for several weeks until you regain your mobility back.

Always follow your doctor’s recommendations if you face any query or problem related to knee replacement surgery and always seek your doctor’s suggestion before starting any new activity after the surgery. You can also connect with expert knee replacement surgeons to clear your doubts and queries about knee replacement surgery procedures, costs, recovery, and precautions.

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