How the Baking Industry has evolved over time

How the Baking Industry has evolved over time

During the Middle Ages, baking was nothing less than a luxury. In fact, it was a commercial activity and never really entered homes. However, those who could afford a wood-burning stove were able to bake black and rye bread. But this was nothing compared to the reach of wealthy households.

The first bread was baked about 30,000 years ago by mixing flour and water into a flat, round shape. Early bakers cooked dough on a large stone over a fire. Later, when it was discovered that fermented grains produced yeast, the baking industry changed, and being a baker became a respected, popular profession.

Baking is a lot older than you might think. It is so old that our last 100 generations may have been making the same product using different methods and tools. Taking us back to the BC period, let’s study today’s history and find out what events led to the development of today’s “baking”.

The world’s oldest oven, about 6500 years old, was discovered in Croatia in 2014. Bread baking originated in ancient Greece around 600 BC.  It was the Egyptians who started baking bread using yeast.

The early cakes were very different from the exotic cakes of today. In the olden times, cakes were more like bread with sugar or honey added. The word cake was derived from the word “kaka”. The Oxford Dictionary dates the word “cake” to the 13th century. With the advancement of technology in the 20th century things change with the evolution of refrigeration and easy access to fresh ingredients. Growth in wealth, education and travel changed people’s attitudes towards food in general. While the main ingredients (water, flour, sugar and yeast) remain the same today, baking has become an art, and chefs around the world are always incorporating new ingredients into their creations.

Cakes became available to every member of society on seasonal occasions such as Christmas cake, easter cake, birthday cake, Easter cake, etc. Soon after, someone came across baking powder that made it possible to make lighter cakes. The market now has a niche for businesses that focus on personalized products. All kinds of unique and exclusive products are being made in specialized production facilities of all sizes. Retailers and consumers have picked up on these high-quality, unique products and their sales power, and the industry continues to thrive on the strength of some creative and memorable recipes.

With regard to bakery products, consumers are now demanding new options, and hence the industry is experiencing fortification of bakery products to satisfy the growing appetite of health-conscious Indian consumers. With the evolution of the cake industry and advancement of technology you can order cakes or whichever city you reside.

Despite the challenges faced by bakery cafes, the concept today enjoys a strong penetration within the market and is set to grow in many cities, adding many brands to its fold. Bakery industry will enjoy more innovative ideas and is predicted to grow with increasing awareness and a prosperous economic environment.

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