8 Great Tips to Make Custom Food Boxes This New Year

8 Great Tips to Make Custom Food Boxes This New Year

8 Great Tips to Make Custom Food Boxes This New Year

It is that time of year again where old memories are fading and new hope is taking birth. 2021 is winding down and we are all set to welcome 2022. The pandemic made lives quite stressful but being a bakery owner you have the power to bring a smile to the customer’s mouth. Consumers are looking for sweetness to make their depressing lives happy and cheerful.  Presenting your food products in a box that is beautiful and trendy makes your audience excited. These custom food boxes give you a chance to make your brand successful by making your target audience happy. Add a nostalgic design with cool color schemes to make your food packaging look ravishing. These food boxes will make your brand prominent.

Food products vary and need their packaging so they can impress the audience. These food boxes are custom-built for your products and can mesmerize the audience.  With these boxes, you can preserve the freshness of your products so customers can devour them in their original shape and taste. These food boxes bring several benefits to the brand in terms of cost-saving, boosting sales, and marketing when customized beautifully. Here we are giving you 8 great tips to make custom bakery boxes this year so you can get an edge over your rivals.

Perfect raw materials of Custom Food Boxes at Fine Custom Boxes

Choose your materials wisely as they are going to decide the fate of your Food products. Durable and sturdy packaging not only protects the encase product but also gives amazing results on printing.  You can also keep the raw materials in their original form to give your food products earthy textures. Such food boxes provide a beautiful canvas for printing and coloring. You can also go with eco-friendly packaging as they are trending now. Global pollution and pandemic both have made customers very choosy towards their choices that affect nature. Eco-friendly packaging will make customers believe in your values and they will feel proud to be part of your business. Custom burger boxes wholesale with eco-friendly marks has more chance to get sold out than ordinary boxes.

Use Bold and Creative Illustrations

Illustrations and design play a huge role in making packaging attractive. Creative illustrations make the packaging stand out. The font styles change over time and brands update their packaging to look trendy and attractive. Fonts are a piece of art that makes your packaging look catchy and enticing.

Go with simple yet Cool Themes of Custom Food Boxes

Food products are consumed all around the world. 2021 was a turbulent time for all people.  Food products give them a chance to be happy. You can use catchy themes that look chic to give your packaging a serene look. Simple and cool make the packaging look clear and worth the trust. You can also add themes that go in contrast with your food items’ flavors to make customers aware of the encased goodness. Don’t overdo your PACKAGING. Calm and minimalistic packaging makes everything look serene. Everyone is craving for peace due to the disturbance and depression caused by covid. Light colors and classy themes not only soothe the eyes but the soul too which makes a brand look comforting and trustable.

Add your logos on Custom Food Boxes

Logos are an essential part of your business identity. Businesses are known through their logos in markets. Add your logo to a prominent place on your custom food boxes wholesale to create your unique identity in the market. These food boxes make your brand memorable which urges the customers to buy from you. Such boxes also bring in-person advertising. These boxes provide a happy un-boxing experience to the customer and many customers share their experiences on social media which brings your brand more audiences.

Add window Panes

Adding a windowpane is an excellent idea to make your product look attractive. The window panes allow customers to peek inside the box and know beforehand what they will be buying. You can add a windowpane on top or side of the box to give the customer a view of encased treat. Such boxes make customers drool over your products and urge them to take the products and share them with their loved ones. These boxes catch customers’ attention from far away. Another benefit of these boxes is that they allow customers to see the product without touching the box and since we are living in a pandemic this windowpane is beneficial for both the brand and its customer well-being.

Use Mesmerizing Color Schemes

Bakery packaging made with amazing color schemes gives life to your product display. You can use different coloring techniques like CYMK and PMS to make your packaging look worth every eye. You can use tricks like color mists on the boxes to give your customers a calming effect. These boxes bring out positivity which encourages customers to invest in your products.  Digital printing in packaging makes the product look high end and worth the money.

Go Eco-Friendly  

Eco-friendly packaging is trending nowadays. Customers prefer brands that are responsible for the environment.  Eco-friendly materials like Kraft are excellent options as it is sustainable, durable, and cost-effective. These boxes make your brand look attractive which will boost your sales. Eco-friendly packaging helps a brand to become a bestseller by convening the customers that the brand is responsible and careful towards customers’ preferences and surroundings.

Printing Inside the Custom Food Boxes 

Previously boxes were used and printed only on outside for pricing and marketing purposes but now Trends are changing. Print your boxes elegantly and in a minimalistic way from the outside but go beyond your creativity on the inside of your packaging box to entice the customers. Why a customer will open an elegant box and will see a beautifully crafted interior they will be stunned and would be excited to try your other products.


minimalistic designs, cool color schemes, and catchy fonts are the trends for Food packaging this new year. Food Boxes when designed in the way mentioned above can create positive vibes and will refresh your brand look which will bring you elevated sales and a loyal customer base.

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